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Debra S.

May I say......BOY's room? My gosh- teen boys! That stinky locker room sweaty thing going on! Open the door and PHEW. You have to crack the whip on those boys to keep orderly! But in the meantime, don't open that door!!!


keep it clean

Katharine D

There have been some bad odors from my kids over the years but the worst was from a cat we adopted. She had the poop of death - always in the litter box but no litter or room spray could conquer the odor. We have her on a new diet which has helped but I think this would help more.

kdkdcats at yahoo dot com

Anastasia B

My worst odor problem is the laundry area where we keep the dirty cloth diapers! A wet bag contains most of the smells but once it is open, run for your life!

Anastasia B

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Anastasia B

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Katharine D

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Katharine D


Helen Keeler

My worst oder problem is my bedroom. During the winter cold months I keep the window closed and my room becomes very smelly.

kerri m

Dogs... 3 of our own and one foster dog. One of my older dogs is incontinent due to medication for her lupus. So, needless to say, you can imagine what we've got going on over here. Plug-ins galore... :)

Patty White

My worst odor story was when my sister came to visit and brought her dog, her BIG dog. My daughter was in the bath, and the door was cracked. Well the dog decided to push his way in and jump right in with her. After I got the dog to get out, he ran straight for my area rug and rolled all over it soaking wet. Well after that, my rug smelled like wet dog no matter what I tried. I ended up having to get a new area rug after my sister left.

Patty White

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Patty White

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Miguelina Salvador

omg we love eating fish but the smell will linger for hours

Desiree Dunbar

This is a true husband got an old keg from a brewary for free and the sludge that was at the bottom of it spilt in our Jeep Cheroke. We tried pouring bottles of perfume on it and get it professionally cleaned and they couldnt get it out. It smelled like rotten fish in our car and it was disgusting!

Desiree Dunbar


My worst odor problem is my husband's clothes. He works at a restaurant and when he comes home his clothes smell like grease and his socks smell like sweat. I smell grease in his car and sometimes, when he's exhausted after a long day, he sits on the couch before changing and then I end up scrubbing it to get the stench out.

Jill L

A few weeks ago, our laundry was really stinking. My husband thought it was the hermit crabs. We put them outside thinking that the room would start smelling better but it didn't. I then started cleaning underneath the bench and found a dead mouse that the cat brought it. Ugghhh, it stunk sooooo bad.

Jill L

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We have a very open floor plan so mine would be cooking odors.


Worst odor story of my mother's tenants stuffed a dead fish down the bathroom sink. It took weeks after they moved out before she finally figured out what it was and to get rid of the stink after the fish was removed.


The worst odor we ever had, is when a family of skunks lived under our house for a few days. One night something spooked one of them, and then all of a sudden they sprayed. It was permeating through the floors! It was HORRIBLE!




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melissa Resnick

broccoli in a trash can 24 hours later worst smell in house

Harriett Daniel

I have a younger brother that is college. When he comes home for breaks or on some weekends, he brings all of his laundry. When he first gets there, he plies it up in the room and let it sit just a couple of days. The smelly smells of an active gym bound young man creeps up out of his bag. The room does not have good circulation, so when you open the door, it smells like a locker room. STINKY! Then the smell just lingers! "When the FUNK hits the FAN...." I need some help with this one.

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